Stephen James Webb

C O M P O S E R   &   A R T I S T

Written for the Sinfonia Lahti 

Premiered on September 17th, 2020 at Metsähalli, Sibelius House

Scored for
2(2/pic).2(2/eh).2(2/bcl).2 - - 2Perc - Str - Off stage str quartet

score available from Music Finland

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My Grievance with Nostalgia delves into our collective obsession with idealized memories of the past. Within this piece, a rich landscape is constructed, from which various styles emerge—ranging from the emotive melodies of a late romantic string quartet to the passionate rhythms of tango and the improvisational freedom of jazz. Yet, amidst this eclectic blend, attempts are made to distort and filter these musical elements. The work contemplates the dual nature of nostalgia, acknowledging its significance while also highlighting its potential pitfalls. In an era marked by looming environmental crises and uncertain futures, many find solace in looking backward.
© Stephen James Webb